Tom’s Farms Maternity Shoot

It’s a boy!

Michelle and Jaime are officially expecting a little man to join their family. The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive on December 31, 2015! So far, Michelle has had a somewhat tough 1st trimester of her pregnancy, with not much appetite. She has enjoyed lots of smoothies throughout—yum! The rest of her pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, once the all day morning sickness from the 1st trimester subsided. Like most moms in their final trimester, she is counting down the days until their baby boy is welcomed into our world!

For her maternity shoot, Michelle was going for a ‘chich modern momma look’. She brought heels to capture the true her “before I got pregnant you would never see me without heels on” says Michelle. I think she definitely pulled off that vibe. To wear heels in your third trimester like that definitely takes talent and Michelle wore them beautifully.

Michelle wore a lovely form fitting floral dress, “ I think it’s so beautiful to see the figure of a pregnant mommy. Bumps need to be celebrated!” says Michelle. Well her bump was definitely beautiful, the dress looked amazing on her and she was just glowing in both her floral dress and the maternity nude dress provided by yours truly. Michelle brought a stunning statement necklace that really made the look.

Even though Michelle expressed she was somewhat unsure of having her bare belly showing in some of the photos, she went along with it and tried the look. Not only did she look stunning, she had nothing to feel self-conscious about. She made such a beautiful and stunning mommy-to-be.

Check out some of my favorite shots from our session together near Tom’s Farms in Corona, Ca.


See? I told you she was beautiful! Can’t wait to meet little baby boy (his name is being kept a secret) when he finally arrives!

Maternity portrait photography in Columbia, MO

December 16, 2015

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