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Downtown Columbia Engagement | Kelsey & Zach

April 3, 2024

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Kelsey & Zach are two of the sweetest people you will meet. We were destined to cross paths at some point seeing as they attended a pre-marital class that my husband and I were leaders for after they had reached out to inquire with me for their wedding. Unbeknownst to them to find me there, they recognized me from social media! I was so excited to meet them and to come and find out we also have mutual acquaintances.

Their engagement session in downtown Columbia was absolutely perfect. The weather, unseasonably warm that day for an early Spring day was amazing. We enjoyed time together walking in downtown Columbia and capturing their sweet personalities and their love for each other.

How they met

Love stories often begin in the most unexpected of ways, and for Kelsey and Zach, fate had a delightful surprise in store on a memorable night in May 2019. As Kelsey celebrated her pharmacy school graduation with friends aboard a party bus in St. Louis, little did she know that her life was about to change forever. Kelsey’s best friend told her that her boyfriend now husband was bringing a friend along. He had a good job and was cute! Kelsey told her best friend to stop trying to stop trying to set her up. Well, Kelsey’s world shifted the moment she noticed Zach “pretty blue eyes.” Kelsey spent the rest of the night getting to know Zach. What started as an unexpected encounter quickly blossomed into a romance as they exchanged numbers and embarked on their first date within days. From that moment on, Kelsey and Zach found themselves inseparable.

What they love about each other

Kelsey Describes Zach as “full of energy and goofy, yet so driven and hard working. Everyone he meets instantly gets along with him. Zach is adventurous and very go with the flow, so its hard telling what each day with him will bring. He always keeps me laughing and on my toes. I love that Zach always sees the best in everyone, his default is giving everyone the benefit of the doubt instead of feeling hate or anger. I love that from the moment I met him, I felt so secure and loved with every one of his actions. He is loyal to me and every friendship in his life. I love that I have a spouse that challenges me to become a little more like him/to become a better person.”

Zach says that Kelsey is “very go with the flow and always up for my crazy ideas or our latest trip idea. She is very hard-working and pours lots of dedication into her work and those around her. She is the keeper of the calendar and keeps us going day to day. Kelsey is very family-driven and is going to be a great a mom which excites me! We share many similarities which makes life very enjoyable. She is very adventurous and has never said no to a trip idea! Kelsey is always down to tag along with things I enjoy and is the perfect definition of a best friend and better half.”

How Zach Proposed

Five days before embarking on a dreamy two-week European adventure, Kelsey couldn’t shake the feeling that Zach might pop the question during their trip. On a Friday night after work, Kelseu stopped for ice cream after a challenging day. Anxious to unwind at home, Kelsey was stunned when she came home to a heart-shaped balloon on their door, accompanied by a handwritten note. Inside, Zach had orchestrated a delightful scavenger hunt, leading Kelsey to the game room where he awaited, kneeling with balloons that read “MARRY ME,” surrounded by candles and rose petals. Overjoyed and surprised, they savored the intimate moment, sipping cheap champagne and reveling in their love. Keeping their engagement a secret, they jetted off to Europe, cherishing the privacy and romance of their special proposal.

How they enjoy their time

Every Friday morning, Kelsey and Zach enjoy breakfast at Ernie’s to kick off the weekend. They bond over their shared love for travel, often embarking on adventures to national parks, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature. Board game nights with friends bring them joy and laughter, fostering cherished memories. Regular trips to Sam’s Club for essentials and errands keep them grounded in their routine. In their downtime, they unwind with episodes of “Suits” on Netflix, enjoying moments of relaxation together. They also enjoy family visits, treasuring quality time spent with loved ones.

Their hopes and dreams for the future

Kelsey and Zach eagerly anticipate the next chapters of their lives together. They envision finding or building their dream home where they’ll create countless cherished memories and raise a family. With a shared passion for exploration, they aspire to travel extensively, soaking in new cultures and experiences whenever possible. Dreaming of a future filled with adventure and quality time together, they aim to retire young.

I’m so incredibly excited to document their wedding this fall at Cooper’s Ridge!

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If you’re ready to book your engagement session, contact me! I can’t wait to hear from you and connect!

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